Why I’m Quitting the Gym

I’m officially taking a 4 week hiatus from the gym! This may seem confusing and will definitely be a challenge, but let me explain. When I began this blog, I wanted to inspire everyone to live a healthier, more active lifestyle, and that means everyone. To back up a little bit, during my Master’s Degree I dove into the world of Public Health. These classes opened my eyes to existing health disparities and gave me a tiny glimpse of how hard it can be for people to prioritize their health when their basic needs aren’t even met (Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, anyone?) . Unfortunately this can be a grueling cycle to break, and those of low socioeconomic status are more at risk for chronic disease (i.e. hypertension, heart disease, diabetes) and even further, that disease is more burdensome due to poor disease management, limited access to healthcare, etc… I digress. You understand what I’m trying to say, right? A gym membership isn’t always an option.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this blog is for everyone. So maybe you just don’t like the gym, you get bored of the gym, you feel intimidated at the gym, you’re a new mom or dad and don’t have time or funds for the gym…It’s for this reason, that I want to put some ‘skin in the game,’ as they say, and cut myself off from the gym for 4 weeks. My workouts will definitely be getting creative, but that is exactly the point– I want to help you all feel inspired to utilize your surroundings, things in your home, or to just be outside and physically active. Also, not everything will be structured exercise (and that is very intentional), because moving your body is incredibly healthy whether you’re picking up a dumbbell, going for a hike, or pulling weeds in the garden.

So, how can you follow along and benefit? Every Monday I’ll be posting a weekly recap where you can either wait by your computer eager for that 8:00 am EST post, or you can subscribe and get updates directly to your inbox. In each recap I’ll be sharing my activity for the week, including any at-home or outdoor workouts. My challenge officially started yesterday, with a 3 hour hike in the Pocono’s with the hubby and Baxter for our 1 year wedding anniversary (: I took the opportunity to stay offline, but will give more details in the next week’s recap. I hope you’ll follow along during this exciting challenge!


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