Operation ‘no gym’ week 2

This is a tough week for me to write about, but it’s more important that I’m 100% honest about my experiences. This week was full of traveling and some big life changes, so there was zero structure to my week. This week required a lot of going with the flow which typically makes it more difficult to maintain healthy habits. Reflecting on my first week without the gym, I maintained an active lifestyle with running, biking, lots of walking and high intensity interval training, but I wanted more intentional exercise for week 2. Let’s just say that did not happen…

This week I worked 38 hours in 4 days, interviewed for a job, and traveled to Milwaukee, WI (where we lived for the last 7 years) to watch two dear friends get married and meet our newborn niece and nephew (eek!) The entire week was go, go, go, so this blog may be more of a lifestyle journal than anything else. #lifehappens


Sunday 9/29
Activity: 1.5 mile run, 6-mile bike ride, active commute to work and walking at work

If you’ve seen my Instagram posts, you know that my physical activity on weekends to be more leisure-based. Michael and I started our Sunday morning run when just shy of a mile in, said “nahhhhh, let’s go for a bike ride instead.” So we ran the route home, hopped on our bikes, and rode around the city. I am all for intuitive exercise and, especially during weekends, believe activity should be enjoyable! I love being able to cover more ground and see the museums of Philadelphia on a gorgeous Sunday morning! So that’s exactly what we did. Sunday was day 7 of work and I didn’t want to be sore for the remaining week ahead. Needless to say, sitting on a bike and going for a Sunday morning ride was the best part of my day.


Monday 9/30
Activity: 3.5 mile run, active commute to work, and walking at work

My legs felt a little better on Monday, so I went for a short run after making some much-needed butternut squash soup (recipe is here). Following the run was another commute to work (1.6 mile walk round-trip) and plenty of walking at work.


Tuesday 10/1
Activity: Active commute to work, and a double-shift of walking at work

Tuesday was a little rough… I worked a 12-hour shift and this was day 9 of work. At this point I’ve gotten used to being on my feet so much, but such lack of rest was taking a toll on my legs. They felt like lead weights that were permanently swollen from sleep being their only relief. I knew that I had one more day of work, and then I’d be on a 5 day vacation to give my body the rest that it desperately needed.

Wednesday 10/2
Activity: 4-mile walk, active commute to work, and walking at work

WHAT. A. DAY! Wednesday was an excellent example of #lifehappens I had a walking job interview (which was nice) that lasted a couple of hours. Overall, it was a 4-mile excursion. After the interview, it was my LAST. SHIFT. before going on vacation!! I didn’t even care that it was day 10 of work, or that my legs felt heavy because it felt so good to be on my last shift, conquer an interview, and go for a long walk.

Dancing and long walks along the Lake Michigan

As much as I would like to say I was diligent in working out while traveling, that’s not at all true. I’m still at a stage in my life where I’m a little uncomfortable with how long it’s been since I’ve had a structured workout. While I whole-heartedly value physical activity and an active lifestyle through things like walking the city and taking the stairs, my body craves intense exercise. Typically I’m good about working out while I travel doing things like hill sprints, HIIT workouts, or running, but this go-around was different. Most of my physical activity happened on the dance floor (I’m not mad about that, though). While my body feels a little blobby and confused from all the rest, this week was filled with big life events, plane rides, car rides, and moments that I’ll never forget. I got to stand by a dear friend as she married her best friend, meet my niece and nephew for the first time, and visit with friends and family. So although I’m feeling a little guilty and lethargic, I know that I can’t beat myself up about it because it was all sooooo worth it.

I have several fun things in the works for next week, so stay tuned on instagram @project.salud and look for next week’s recap! Wellness is a journey and over the lifespan will be a series of peaks and valleys. While consistency and maintenance are key players in success, it is also important to roll with the punches- how boring would life be, otherwise? Just because this week was a “low” or a “valley” in my life as it pertains to exercise doesn’t mean that it wasn’t an overall “high.” This week was truly a peak in so many other aspects, and gives insight to my philosophy of balance. The last few weeks were hectic, non-stop, and my body was calling for rest. During this vacation, my body and soul were able to get the necessary medicine through friends, family, laughter, rest, and recovery.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and how you find balance in your life. Until next time