Operation ‘no gym’ week 3 *new beginnings

Exciting, exciting news! In my third week away from the gym I secured a full-time job and finally bought some exercise equipment to switch things up (a jump rope and resistance bands). It’s been about 5 months of looking, a lot of humility, and even more diligence, but I’m SO excited to start my career and say goodbye to the restaurant industry. Over the course of these four weeks I will have traveled, worked odd/long hours, and done the 9-5, so I will be able to honestly say that I have experienced nearly every type of schedule.

Last week I mentioned that my body was craving more strength training and I wanted to be better this week about incorporating it into my workouts. I took a trip to TJ Maxx to see what I could find and bought a weighted jump rope and some resistance bands to aid in my goal for the week.

Sunday 10/7
Activity: rest/travel day

Sunday we traveled back from Milwaukee. A long day of traveling left little time for any type of movement  between the car rides and plane ride, opting for stairs in the airport and nutritious meals were small ways to stay on top of my health during a long day of sitting

Monday 10/8
40 minute yoga flow, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout with resistance bands and jump rope, and a day of house chores

HIIT workout included:

20 jump squats with band
20 squats to leg lift with band (20 with each leg)
1 minute jump rope
30 pull downs with band
plank with leg lift (45 seconds each leg)
1 minute jump rope
1 minute plank with shoulder walks using resistance band
15 ab wheel roll outs
supermans with abducting pulses
1 minute jump rope
15 clamshells each leg
20 jump squats with band
1 minute jump rope

Repeat for 2 rounds total

Tuesday 10/9
Activity: HIIT workout, walk to the grocery store, walk to work, and walking at work

HIIT workout included:

3 minute jump rope
90 second plank
40 side shuffles with resistance band
3 minute jump rope
20 burpees
15 tricep dips
3 minute jump rope
45 second side plank each side
15 push ups
25 leg raises
3 minute jump rope
20 jump squats
20 clam shells with resistance band
90 second plank
3 minute jump rope

Wednesday 10/10
Activity: 4.5 mile run, active commute, walking at work, and leisure walk

After two days of HIIT, my legs needed some repetitive motion to loosen up. A nice and easy 4.5 mile jog did just that. When I’m sore, I find an easy jog or long walk helps to relieve my soreness.

Thursday 10/11
Activity: 45 minute yoga flow, active commute to work, and walking at work

I’ve been really enjoying the yoga lately! This time I did a 45 minute vinyasa flow using the youtube app from our smart TV. Even if you don’t have a smart TV, using an iPad, laptop, or your smartphone will work just fine! I recommend trying a few different yoga teachers via youtube to find a style or instructor that you like, and stretch it out at least once a week. As someone who really enjoys running and strength training, yoga is so  important to keep my hip flexors, hamstrings, calves, and feet from tightening up.

Friday 10/12
Activity: 6 mile run, Rocky steps, active commute, and walking at work

I was feeling stuck around the 4 mile distance and felt determined to a get a longer run in. Since I’m not training for a race I haven’t been tracking my pace until this run. I needed to pace myself if I was going to hit this six miles so I downloaded the MapMyRun app to track my route and pace. I was surprised to learn that my new ‘comfortable’ running pace was an 8-minute mile, and definitely why I was feeling gassed after 4 miles. I slowed it down, ran up the Rocky Steps four times, and finished the last four miles feeling good. It was the exact run that I needed.

Saturday 10/13
Activity: leisure walk all over center city, active commute, and walking at work

Saturdays are for frolicking in the city! A leisure walk all over Philadelphia was a day spent on my feet, but a day well spent. Friends and I went to the fall festivals in town (I walked the 2 miles there and back), joined a spontaneous Zumba class at City Hall, ate oysters, and drank copious amounts of coffee. It was my last shift at the restaurant and a beautiful fall Saturday spent with good company.


Recapping the third week away from the gym was my favorite week thus far. My workouts felt balanced and even when I wasn’t exercising, I was still very physically active. It would be easy for me to feel like I didn’t crush my workouts 5 days a week, but I’ve been feeling so energized and light on my feet lately that I refuse to let those thoughts creep in. I truly feel such a difference with how much I walk and by having a balanced exercise regime. But a harsh reality has set in… no more afternoon workouts. I am not, I repeat, not a fan of evening workouts and will need to leave the house by 7:15 am to get to my new job. By process of elimination, my workouts will likely be pushed to the early mornings. These are all good things however, and will hopefully shift my circadian rhythm back to normal (restaurant hours are not conducive to a normal sleep schedule, unfortunately). This week, I will be happy to settle into a routine and exercise with my new schedule. I have one more week without the gym, and I’m even considering extending my absence. stay tuned!