WTF do I eat?!… Part 2

I could simply edit my “WTF do I eat?!” blog post to be up-to-date with my latest and greatest thoughts on food, but I feel that it’s important to show the evolution of my food philosophy… for better or for worse. I haven’t decided whether my current, yet ever-changing, philosophy is better or worse, yet.

If you haven’t read my original post… please do (linked here). As tough as it is to summarize, the gist is that despite every health trend, diet, and label, we can all simplify things by eating minimally processed foods, or whole foods, and I disclosed my eating habits (eating habits being mainly gluten-free and pescatarian for health reasons). If you have read the original post, I’m pleased to share that *shocker,* things have changed. As someone who is always listening (and tasting) for the next best health discovery, recipe, and positive outlook, another major shift has occurred.

This summer, I read Grain Brain by Doctor David Perlmutter M.D. and became petrified of carbohydrates. It was slightly unfair because of my history of pre-diabetes already demonizing the carbohydrate (if you’re confused… the original post discloses all), but regardless… I felt I had to eliminate more foods from my diet. Therefore, I made a swift and grand decision to re-introduce meat into my diet after a four year hiatus. I also eliminated rice, most beans, bananas, other fruit (minus a serving of berries once per day), gluten in its entirety, corn, beer, and good grief the list goes on. Sparingly, I would eat potatoes, carrots, parsnips, and the other “high-carb-but-still-good-for-you-vegetables” What on Earth!?, right? Naturally this lasted about a month, but I was consuming meat again. I kept my protein “sustainable,” or grass-fed, free-range, wild-caught, etc., ate loads of nut butter, cheese, and avocados (because keto, duh), and even tried intermittent fasting in that same time period. I did the research and it seemed promising– as much as any other dietary research can be promising, anyways. I could intermittently fast and eat plenty of natural fats to feel sharper, leaner, and healthier overall, but something didn’t sit right with me (literally). Fast-forward through summer and I was struggling to hone in on my new food philosophy. Keto didn’t work for me, yet I reintroduced all these foods that had been absent from my diet for over four years. All the while I had two fractured arms and wasn’t exercising the way I was accustomed to–talk about an identity crisis…

Although I’m still trying to get back into my workout groove (still working on that wrist mobility, ya know…), I have finally been able to hone in on my new food philosophy and *hint* it is not the intermittent-fasting, high fat and protein, negative carb diet prescribed by Grain Brain. These days my food philosophy entails a plant-based diet with the occasional cheese, the occasional fish, the occasional meat, and the occasional whatever I want. Why yes, I’ve gone back to the plant-based life although I do not restrict foods from my diet altogether. It’s not my intention to demonize any particular diet or the book that I read, because Grain Brain was incredibly persuading and the practiced results were promising. But as the trial and error continues, I found that a keto diet did not leave me feeling ‘light on my feet’ as I had hoped, but a primarily plant-based diet with real foods (not processed health foods, powders, or oils) is easiest on my digestive system and keeps me wanting those foods alike. I think my food philosophy will always include the sentiment that “rules are meant to be broken,” hence why I no longer like rules. But knowing how to eat day-to-day in a manner that best suits me has been an invaluable learning experience that I know is not complete. I will try new eating styles and probably remove something from my diet once more, but in the meantime I’m enjoying a little more variety while maintaining the thing that makes me feel good every day-a healthy diet.