Meet Alex


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I’m Alex Hayden, and am currently living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As someone who has always been passionate about health and communication, I finally decided to take the plunge and start this blog! This blog is incredibly special to me, because although I was a year-round athlete growing up, adulthood happened… Since then my wellness journey has been a series of peaks, valleys, and everything in between . Life is all about the journey, right? It began as a love for sports where I received my bachelors (BS) in Kinesiology [exercise science] and ended with a love for holistic wellness and health equity where I received my Master’s degree (MS) in Kinesiology, all at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. With that said, I am very committed to providing you with scientifically supported information. That also being said, [disclaimer] I am not a registered dietician or licensed health practitioner, but who knows… maybe someday.

More personally, I have a wonderful husband, Michael [shout out to you, sweets] and loving pup, Baxter [keep an eye out for cameos in the blog]. Together we make up our quaint, little family of three! I love, love, love coffee and outdoor activities during all seasons (yes even in Winter). Some of my favorites include: kayaking, hiking, and running. More than anything, I love exploring and experiencing new things whether it’s a new recipe, a new city, a new restaurant, or a new hiking trail, my mind is wide open!


I’d love to meet you! Shoot me a message with any questions, comments, or just to say “hello”