The Venture

When in Norway (og Norge)

The Venture We often go on vacation to slow down, catch our breath, and have meaningful thoughts of our own. If that’s your vacation jam, you might choose a beach or find a quiet place to do absolutely nothing and love it. That, however, is not my vacation jam… Norway was the first stop on…

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Uber Easy, Paleo-Friendly Banana Bread

Old faithful, banana bread… No matter the season, and no matter the reason, banana bread is a crowd-pleaser– A true classic that probably elicits a fond memory. For me, banana bread makes me think of morning trips to the local coffee shop with my mom as a little girl (I was obsessed and would have…

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The Best Morning Greens Smoothie

There are few things better than a sweet, sweet morning routine to start the day off right. Whether the green pigment of this prebiotic-rich smoothie scares you or entices you, it’s 1000% worth the try. Only [6] earthy ingredients make up this simplistic, wholesome smoothie where you don’t have to worry about gathering a ton…

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