What is Project Salud?

Project Salud is the lifelong journey towards optimal health, because let’s be real… life happens and the world is constantly changing. I believe that it’s free to feel good, but it’s not always easy. So regardless of your income, education, or stage of life, I am here to help you navigate your way to wellness as well as share the tips and tricks that have helped along my journey.

Before diving in any further, I think it’s important to clarify my definition of “health.”  I whole-heartedly believe in a holistic approach to health and wellness. To be “healthy” isn’t merely an absence of disease, as it was once defined, but the flourishing of the self– this encompasses our mental, physical, and emotional health by treating the causes rather than alleviating symptoms. Everyone’s definition of ‘optimal health’ will be unique, but still there is something for everyone here at Project Salud where the mantra is, “When you stop growing, you start dying” -William S. Burroughs

The Project Salud Mission

is to inspire individuals to lead a healthy and fulfilling life through movement, nutritious food, and meaning.