The Venture

When in Norway (og Norge)

The Venture We often go on vacation to slow down, catch our breath, and have meaningful thoughts of our own. If that’s your vacation jam, you might choose a beach or find a quiet place to do absolutely nothing and love it. That, however, is not my vacation jam… Norway was the first stop on…

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WTF do I eat?!… Part 2

I could simply edit my “WTF do I eat?!” blog post to be up-to-date with my latest and greatest thoughts on food, but I feel that it’s important to show the evolution of my food philosophy… for better or for worse. I haven’t decided whether my current, yet ever-changing, philosophy is better or worse, yet.…

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From 0 to 26.2

With the first winter thaw of 2019, I hit the pavement on a Monday evening at 6:00pm. It was still very much winter with it being February, but a 55 degree night screamed perfect running weather compared to the February I knew in my Midwest bones. I remember the first mile feeling effortless. I thought,…

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